Thank you to every mommy who donated diapers to our 3rd Annual Belly Bootcamp Holiday Diaper Drive1 in 5 Canadian mothers struggles with diaper need, resorting to reusing disposable diapers, skipping diaper changes and going without other household items in order to provide diapers. The stress is unimaginable for most of us.

This month I took our 2013 diaper haul into the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto and imagined all of the dry little bums benefitting from our donations. OK, that sounds a tad creepy. I imagined the happy little faces.

I wish I could prevent EVERY baby from ever having to go without a clean, dry diaper. I wish I could help EVERY mother to be confident that she can afford the necessities for her little ones. I can’t. But all of us at Belly Bootcamp did do THIS…

Congrats to our mommies and mommies-to-be on donating 170 pounds of diapers to our fellow mommies in need.

I already can’t wait for next year.