Sigh. It gets a little teary around here sometimes. Our Belly Bootcamp mommies are real hangers-on, working with us for months, even years. When it’s time to part ways we are happy to see our mommies go off leaner, stronger and more confident than they came to us but sad to miss their smiling faces each week. And sweaty. Their faces are usually sweaty.

From Karyn MacEwen, a mommy in our Riverside and Leslieville postnatal classes:

Thanks so much for almost 20 weeks of awesome Wednesday morning workouts! I tried a lot of mommy/baby activities while on mat leave with Max, and this was definitely one of my favourites. And…..[my trainer] helped me get into good enough shape to conquer Tough Mudder in one piece. Max was demonstrating some of the moves he too learned at Belly Bootcamp recently, and wanted to send you the photo. Thanks for everything you do!


belly_bootcamp_toronto We will miss you, Karyn and Max!


Belly Bootcamp mommies, share your experiences and photos with us! We love to keep up with you after your time with us ends.

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