Last month we ran our very first #BB30in30 Challenge. We challenged our BB community to do as many workouts as possible in January, and post to Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter with the hashtag #BB30in30.

Every workout you posted with the tag #BB30in30 was an entry to win!

We were super high-tech about the whole thing, as you can see from the “official draw mixing bowl” pictured above. But we were FAIR. Each post got its poster’s name on an entry ballot, and after some thorough mixing (that is what mixing bowls are for, after all…) we drew our winner:

Congratulations, Michelle Parker!


You’ve won an entire month of FREE BB classes — twice per week, for 4 weeks.

Thank you everyone for participating! We loved watching you get creative at home and in the great outdoors, hiking, running, swimming, walking, dancing, stretching and, of course, bootcamping your way to a fitter 2015!

Stay tuned for another upcoming challenge and more chances to win! Follow us on Instagram so you’ll be the first to hear.


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