Turn a springtime stroll with your little one into a full body stroller fitness workout with these awesome moves straight from Belly Bootcamp!

If you’ve recovered from baby’s arrival and you’re feeling the itch to get outside, this workout is for you. This video features 5 awesome moves PLUS the trainer tips you need to make sure your form is perfect & you’re getting the most from your workout.




  • We always recommend our BB mamas bring water, sunscreen & bug spray, and dress in layers so you can remain cool or warm as needed.
  • Pack an infant carrier under your stroller just in case baby gets fussy in the stroller — you can keep walking while baby enjoys a snuggle, or try some of these fab carrier workout exercises!
  • While walking, keep both hands on your stroller with arms bent & shoulders back.
  • If jogging, use one hand at a time so the other arm can swing naturally, and switch frequently.
  • Always keep your eyes up, looking over your stroller, and avoid hunching your body forward to get up hills or push through a jog or power walk. Your posture should remain upright and relaxed; if you can’t maintain proper alignment, it’s time for a rest.

Last, but certainly not least…

  • Don’t push yourself to run! If you leak urine, feel heaviness or pain in your back &/or pelvis, or simply don’t have the energy, stick to walking. These symptoms are a sign you should consult a physiotherapist specializing in pelvic health before you add strenuous exercise to your routine. Try this workout after you’ve seen a physiotherapist & got her approval.

If you’re healed, feeling good and ready to challenge yourself, this circuit will help you strengthen & firm up, head to toe. Complete 10-20 reps of each exercise, in order, then walk until you feel ready to repeat. Aim for 3 sets total over the course of your walk, and follow up with some nourishing stretches.





Not sure if you’re ready for a full-body workout? Every woman’s postpartum experience is different, with each child. Please check out our Core Resources for more information on safe exercise in postpartum.

Belly Bootcamp is proud to produce a series of exercise videos in partnership with Canada’s foremost magazine for parents, Today’s Parent. Watch for more videos in this series!