Need a picnic treat or special occasion dessert to really wow your guests? Step aside, Reece. These real-food peanut butter cups come together in a “jif” (see what we did there?) and they’re miles above the factory version.

They might not qualify as “healthy” but they’re definitely “healthyish.” In other words, you can have two. Or three. Or keep a batch in the freezer and have one every day as your secret little kids-are-in-bed indulgence. You know what I’m talking about.

Last month, I was in search of a fun but simple birthday treat for the hubs. He always asks for a cake — black forest, to be specific — but when cake time rolls around, he’s well into the birthday wine and usually passes on cake. Plus, black forest cake is HARD to make from scratch, people. Duncan Hines does not make a black forest cake-in-a-box. Grocery store black forest cakes seem to be made with some sort of hydrogenated oil “Cool Whip-esque” product instead of whipped cream. So, in the kind of assertiveness that only comes from a decade of marriage, I decided if he’s not eating the cake, he’s not getting a cake. Hence, birthday PB cups.

My favourite barista, Kate, sent me the base for this recipe and raved about these treats a couple of months ago. To be honest, the idea of homemade PB cups was intimidating. I knew a double boiler was involved. Argh…double boiler. I’m just not a baker. So I waited for an occasion before I took a crack at it.

But, actually, this recipe is SO EASY I can’t wait to make it again. I strayed slightly from the original recipe to create the swirled version you see above, rather than a traditional PB cup with bottom & top. Why? Because it’s faster. And I have three kids, dammit. In the end, I think they turned out prettier this way!


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I guarantee you’ll be asked to make these again and again. Just remember to stuff a few away for yourself in the freezer because they’ll go fast.






based on a recipe from Pure Ella.

yields 12

  • 200 g good quality dark chocolate
  • 3/4 cup natural peanut butter
  • 4 tbsp coconut oil
  • pinch sea salt

1. Place double boiler (or use a glass or stainless steel bowl set over a pot of water, ensuring bowl doesn’t touch water in pot) over medium heat. Break chocolate up and place in bowl/double boiler with 2 tbsp coconut oil.

2. Bring water to a simmer, then turn off heat and keep double boiler warm. Stir chocolate and coconut oil occasionally until melted and combined.

3. Melt remaining 2 tbsp coconut oil and combine in separate bowl with peanut butter. Add pinch of sea salt to taste.

4. Line muffin tin with paper liners (or use a silicone tray). Scoop a thin layer of chocolate into each cup. Place in freezer 2 minutes to set bottom layer.

5. Spoon peanut butter mix onto chocolate layer. If peanut butter is more solid, smooth down with the back of your spoon. If peanut butter is very liquid, place in freezer 5-10 minutes to firm slightly.

6. Drizzle remaining chocolate over peanut butter layer. As the chocolate settles, each cup will acquire its own drizzle pattern. Freeze 30 minutes before serving. Re-freeze leftovers.



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