Is summer making you anxious?

Are you feeling anxious at the thought of taking off layers, exposing your arms, legs, toes, and whatever else it is you expose when it’s hot and muggy… (Maybe you’re one of those hip young things who can get away with a sports bra as a “top” while I would simply look like a bedraggled, confused mama who probably got barfed on by one of her children and had no choice but to remove her shirt and head home in her bra…) But I digress.




This time of year means tucking away cozy sweaters and jeans (OK, jeggings) for tank tops and shorts.

At least, I hope it does.

If you’re not letting yourself get into cute, comfy tanks, shorts, skirts, flip flops, and — gasp — bathing suits because you’re feeling like your body is not “summer ready,” I hope you’ll hear me when I tell you:

You are summer ready.

You look great in shorts.

Your feet are cute.

Your arms are strong.

Your legs are fab.

You are beautiful.

Don’t miss out on playground fun, beach frolics and sunny day strolls in comfortable, cool, summer clothes because you’re worried YOUR body somehow, of all the millions of bodies in the world, is tragically “not right” for summer wear.

You don’t have to “earn” being comfortable.

You don’t have to fit back into your pre-pregnancy clothes.




You can head out this week and pick up a few tank tops and tee-shirts and, yes, skirts that fit you NOW. And you can rock them. Just as you are.

When you do, will you take a pic & tag me so I can see you looking comfy & loving your body? And if you need a little love to help you embrace your Mom Bod, check out our amazing #MomBodLove contest on Instagram. Mamas are sharing photos and messages of self-love and body pride. I hope you will join us.

Cheers to the first long weekend of the summer, mama, and to loving yourself just as you are.

xo – Dara