You’ve had the baby. You’ve got the jogging stroller. You’ve been cleared by your OB-GYN to “return to exercise.” So you should start running, right? Not so fast.

Running is not just fast walking. Running involves form. Speed. Gait. Incline. Endurance. Impact. Breathing.

Not to mention the WHY. Why are you even running? Does it feel good? Do you even like it? Or is it just what you imagine you “have to do” to get back into shape…or to recapture your pre-baby self?

Slow down, mama. We have to talk.

“Sometimes you don’t know.”

You might feel OK. You might think you’re ready to run because you feel pretty normal. Often, the symptoms of postpartum core & pelvic floor dysfunction are hidden until you start adding intensity to your exercise program.

Other times, you feel a bit of leakage. Or pressure. Or pain during sex.

But you chalk it up to “normal” postpartum symptoms. You joke about it with your girlfriends.

It will go away on its own, right?

This week, on #WholeMama Wednesday, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and mama of three, Chana Ross, explains exactly what happens to the body when you run, why the pregnant & postpartum core isn’t optimized for running, what’s normal and totally not normal, and how to plan your return to running in postpartum.

“Even strong, powerful, resilient bodies need a little rehabilitation.”

You didn’t do anything wrong.

You’re not weak.

You’re not broken.

Your body has changed more quickly & dramatically than it ever will again. Throwing yourself back on the track without the proper steps to align and strengthen your inner core is a recipe for injury, pain and incontinence.

Get informed. Honour that body and start training from a position of confidence, not crossing your fingers (and crossing your legs). Share this video with a mama friend! And tell us how you returned to running in the comments below!


Stay tuned next week for another #WholeMama Wednesday video.

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