Belly Bootcamp trainer, Liz, is getting married on July 1, 2011. She opens up to us monthly, leading up to the Big Day, as she battles wedding jitters and organizational snafus all while keeping fit so she’ll look just mahvelous in those wedding photos! Okay. The wedding is now 6 months away.

Let’s have some positive visualization here. 6 months from today I will stand up in front of friends and family with my dearest GTR and make a lifetime commitment to him. I will be calm and relaxed (if a bit teary). I will be looking forward to the cottage vacation we will take afterwards. I will be looking damn fine because of all the workouts and sensible eating I’ve been doing. I will understand that while this is my wedding day – not all things can be planned – some things will have to be left to chance. I will be confident because everything on the “to-do” list has been checked off.

Wait. The dreaded to-do list…

People seem to think planning a wedding should be simple. It could be, yes – but then I might end up marrying my sweetie in my parent’s back yard and eating pizza or grilling my own steak to celebrate. There is nothing technically wrong with that – it’s just not the scenario either of us are going for. We’re looking for something more… something that affords us all the things we love (friends, family, yummy gourmet food and good wine, a couple of heartfelt and funny toasts, some fun photos and more than a few hugs and kisses), bundled into one smooth evening. It’s making it all happen that’s the daunting part.

On the to-do list there is – to name just a few:

  • Finalize the guest list and budget
  • Set the menu and bar
  • Decide on the ceremony details and officiant(s)
  • Meet with the florist
  • Create music play-lists
  • Favors? Cake?
  • Clothing – shoes and accessories for me, the full shebang for him and my amazing maid of honor
  • Hair and makeup – where and how?
  • Organize hotel rooms for out of towers
  • Rings
  • Dress alterations

… And the list goes on.

I know me. I know it will ALL get done. And it will be as close to perfect as I can get it without losing my sanity or causing too much stress to myself or my fiancée. (I need for him to still want to marry me when this is all over!) But where to start? … I’ll do what I’ve learned to do with client’s health and fitness goals – break it down!

My 6 month goal: To be a happy, healthy me on my wedding day.

My January goals:

  • Budget.
  • Guests list.
  • Menu and bar.
  • Ceremony details.
  • Buy shoes and find alterations professional.
  • Drop 3-6 pounds bringing me that much closer to a dress worthy body. To get myself buff I will:
    • Drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day.
    • Start yoga again – aiming for 2 classes per week.
    • Work myself hard in the 4 bootcamp classes and 1 yoga class per week I teach.
    • Add in cardio – 2 30-minute cardio sessions per week is the goal.
    • Eat better … I’m going largely vegetarian for January to cut my calories and fat intake and up my fibre – stay tuned for some yummy recipes!

That should do it. Sounds like a lot, but I feel better having broken it all down. There is no reason the list can’t get done – but like many challenges in life, it pays to break our big goals into smaller, more manageable ones.

If you find yourself facing a large, unwieldy goal, try to break it into smaller parts. With fitness and nutrition goals – work on one thing at a time. Try drinking more water every day instead of changing your entire diet. Try 10 minutes on the treadmill instead of 60. By breaking it down you’ll be able to congratulate yourself more often, giving you the incentive you need to reach for the bigger goals.

Check out my web-site at for more tips, tricks, recipes and of course – wedding plans!

Now… I’m off for some online shoe-shopping!