This simple yoga-inspired home workout is guaranteed to work up a sweat, tone you up from head to toe, and help your flexibility and posture, even if you’re a total yoga virgin.

Yoga can be intimidating. While it used to be the domain of Indian masters, now it’s more matching lycra than meditation.  Instagram yoga celebrities are impressively limber, but it sometimes leaves me thinking, “If I can’t do a headstand on a white sandy beach in a tiny bikini while upside-down breastfeeding my perfectly dressed toddler, what’s the point?” Anyone with me?


photo: Champoo Baritone


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The roots of yoga are in Ancient India and, for those who practice yoga in a traditional sense, it’s a deeply spiritual discipline. For the rest of us, the movement can be thoughtful if not spiritual, as it incorporates deep breathing to calm the nerves & support core strength and proper alignment. Perfect for busy mamas.

So you want to yoga?

You can go hog wild and get deep into yoga culture, maybe even start a yoga Instagram account of your own. You can find an amazing local teacher to help you push your body to its limits. You can subscribe to a few YouTube yogis whose style works for you and just work out the kinks once a week in the comfort of your living room.

You can start here. Inspired by the flow of a yoga class, we’ve got 5 moves combining yoga poses with a little muscle-strengthening oomph. It’s like yoga…if yoga switched from green tea to espresso.

This workout will strengthen your body from head to toe, with a special emphasis on your core!

*Because of the positions, this workout is recommended for mamas who have recovered fully in postpartum & are free of abdominal separation and pelvic floor dysfunction. 

Get fit & flexible.

Try each of these moves for 30 seconds, with 30 seconds rest between. To get a cardio challenge, move straight from one move to the next without resting between. Repeat for a total of 2-3 rounds for a great total body burn.

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