You will LOVE this ?? hip, leg & core workout! These 5 moves are some of my absolute FAVE single leg moves to build strength, stability and mobility in your hips & knees!

This advanced workout is a great way to “level up” your home leg workouts without adding a massive amount of weight. Try these first with bodyweight, then add a single dumbbell as you progress and, finally, two dumbbells over time!

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These videos are taken straight from a Mama Reset Membership video: Single Leg Love!

?Sound on for cues and to follow along.


Advanced Single Leg Exercises for Hip & Leg Strength and Mobility


These first 2 single leg exercises make a fab warmup combo. Try 5-10 reps of each for 2-3 sets:

1️⃣ Half kneel getup to b-stance hinge

2️⃣ Single leg squat negatives to chair




THEN do 2-3 sets of each of these OR do them circuit style for 2-3 rounds. Try 8-12 reps each:

3️⃣ Dumbbell or bodyweight single leg deadlift

4️⃣ Dumbbell or bodyweight rear-foot-elevated deadlift

5️⃣ Dumbbell or bodyweight rear-foot-elevated split squat




Finish with a few of your favourite hip releases on the floor for some well-deserved rest, mama!

THIS WORKOUT makes the perfect complement to our online Belly Bootcamp classes, which use bodyweight, and lighter weights (or soup cans if that’s what you’ve got!).

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