‘Tis the season for daily trips to the playground! These gentle park bench stretches are perfect for freeing up tight hip and back muscles while you watch your little one slide and swing.

Seeing them have fun and fresh air inspires me! ☀️ But at nearly 5’10” the playground itself feels a little cramped. Not to mention these “childbearing hips” tend to have a friction force on the slide that’s the opposite of fun.

When there’s not too much of an audience or we get the playground to ourselves I’ll usually do a little something to move my body. If the playground is quiet I’ll sometimes squeeze in a few bench push ups and step ups while my kiddos play. And I’ll almost always get on the swings, no matter who’s watching.

You might not be comfortable getting into a full-on playground workout with other parents around to gawk. ? I get it.

But stretching? That seems less awkward in front of fellow adult humans.

Here are 5 of my FAVE park bench stretches – we often include these in the cool down to our award-winning Belly Bootcamp Stroller Classes.

? They’re also great in the backyard or on the front steps before or after a walk or run!


Simple Park Benches For Mamas


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