We’re tackling something you don’t hear a lot about in motherhood circles: body and sex shame in postpartum. If you’re ready to ditch your body hangups and sex-shaming upbringing, you’re in the right place.

As mothers, we’re often given messaging that sex is a “chore” or a “duty.” As young girls, we were taught to be “chaste” and possibly given little to no technical sexual knowledge at all, let along encouraged to explore and vocalize our needs.

Raising the next generation of humans to be sex-positive, confident in their bodies and thoroughly versed on the topic of consent means WE ourselves bear some responsibility for breaking the negative spin on sex our generation mostly came up with.

Enter Lauren Scafe, a Nurse & MSW student, mom of 4 and Sex Therapist in training.

Grab a cup of ☕️ and listen up as Lauren shares:

? How does body image affect sexual shame and vice versa

? What messages did many of us receive as children that have informed our body & sexual shame

? What age should we start initiating sex and consent conversations with our children

? What makes sexual shame in motherhood specifically challenging

? Which resources can help you embrace your body & sexuality AND teach your children to be sex-positive and safe

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How to Ditch Sexual Shame in Motherhood and Raise Sex-Positive Kids

This mind-blowing interview will help you uncover the root of your sexual hangups and body shame, with the help of mama of 4, nurse and sex-therapist-in-training, Lauren Scafe.


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