Everywhere you look, someone is trying to sell you a powder, a “belly wrap,” a fat loss program or a diet. Welcome to motherhood.

Like a lot of aspects of motherhood, postpartum fitness RARELY looks the way we expect when we’re blissfully imagining a maternity leave full of crisp autumn strolls and perfect workouts while baby naps away with our partner.

Reality: Poop. Colic. Leaky boobs. Pelvic floor dysfunction. Depression. Lack of sleep. Neck pain. Body image issues. Poop. Oh, did we already mention poop?

Then there is this body. This poor body that needs care, rest, love and compassion.

“I had a lot of fear wrapped up in my body changing.”

We are told a lot of things about postpartum. Not all of them true. Or realistic. Or kind.

6 weeks is enough time to heal.

Breastfeeding helps you lose weight.

Your body will “bounce back.”

You need to learn how to make time for exercise.

“That’s just going to beat you into the ground.”

This week, on #WholeMama Wednesday, Postpartum Fitness Guru & Mama Trainer Jessie Mundell opens up with me about how her perspective and training in postpartum have changed over the year, about whether fat loss is a realistic goal in postpartum, how to find a fitness focus that works, the truth about breastfeeding and fat loss, plus some of our fave resources and social media follows for mamas.


Stay tuned next week for another #WholeMama Wednesday video.

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