When it’s 5pm and you’ve been at your desk all day.

Or it’s 2pm and you’ve finally got the toddler down to nap. And it FEELS like 5pm.

Or it’s 8pm and the baby’s in bed but you don’t have it in you to grunt your way through a strength workout or your #BBonline class recording.

Here I am, ready for you to press play!

Just grab a pillow and kick the toys out of the way. You just need a mat’s worth of space for this delicious flow. Reactivate and energize tired muscles to power through your evening.

You’ll want to save this one and come back to it for some late afternoon or after-work stretchy relief anytime!


Just-A-Pillow After-Work Wind Down Mobility Flow

Show your #mombod some love with a posture-resetting, hip-releasing, core-connecting flow.


Hope you make some time to mobilize those tight mama muscles and show your body some love!

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