You can love how it feels to live in YOUR body.

All you gotta do? Hang out with us for 1 hour a week.


Our fun, body-positive workouts will get you hooked and find the motivation for exercise you haven’t felt in years. 

✨ No more guilt about missing workouts

✨ A strong core and leakproof pelvic floor

✨ Body confidence and pride in yourself

✨ A go-to plan and trainers to rely on

✨ Energy and strength to be an active mom

✨ Pain-free days and excitement about life

could your aches and pains be S.O.S. messages from your core + pelvic floor?

Discover the 9 “hidden” symptoms of core and pelvic floor imbalance with this free Hidden Symptoms Checklist, and discover how full-body core training can help you feel well, inside AND out.

Get Instant Access to Your Hidden Symptoms Checklist

Get instant access to your Hidden Symptoms Checklist

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hey, we’re Dara + Laura. your new fitness BFFs.

mamas. coffee lovers. professional trainers
and old friends.

We’ve been trainers for decades and friends almost as long.

Becoming mothers changed our bodies and our perspective, and we learned the hard way that JUST wanting to feel better in our bodies didn’t change the REALITIES of diet culture and motherhood that were holding us back.

We’re here to help you hit reset and take ownership for that one precious body of yours. Feel fit, flexible and confident in your core
+ pelvic floor through the WHOLE motherhood journey.