Mobility, flexibility and breath work is often that “throwaway” part of an exercise program. Nice if you have time for it but sometimes seems not worth the hassle.

Bow out of savasana and end the online yoga class early? Extra time for a shower.

Skip the stretch after your run? Back to mom duty sooner and with slightly less guilt.

Until that occasional low back twinge turns into needing a week off. ? Or your wonky knee is now more angry than wonky. Or that tight pelvic floor is wreaking havoc on your jogging dreams.

But it can seem impossible to make time for separate strength AND cardio AND mobility… blargh!



That’s why we recommend to our #BBonline personal training clients to include mobility and stretching work at “natural” points in their day. ⏩ We use mobility training for our warmups, in between exercises when we’re breathless and need a rest, AND at smart points in the day when they just make sense.

And one of our Belly Bootcamp Mamas’ MOST popular times to give their hips some mobility love?

Right before bed — or even IN bed! ?

?Pro tip: your headboard or bedroom wall is the PERFECT spot for this legs-up-the-wall sequence!

Legs up the wall is a fab way to unwind at the end of your day. The legs up the wall position can help you:

  • recover from cardio or strength workouts

  • release tight hamstrings

  • relax your pelvic floor for less leakage and pressure

  • improve circulation and decreases foot & ankle swelling

  • down-regulate your amped up nervous system

I’ve included a BUNCH of ways you can make Legs Up The Wall ore interesting and effective in the video below. ? (Plus, if you’re like me and have a hard time sitting still you’ll love these moving legs-up-the-wall ideas so you don’t get bored.)

Grab your phone or a great book and treat yourself to these legs-up-the-wall stretches tonight!



5 Legs Up the Wall Stretches for Pregnancy, Postpartum and Moms



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