Are you ready for a challenge, mama?

Maybe you’ve got that one heavier dumbbell laying around. You know, holding a door open. Or in the basement “gym” you keep promising yourself you’ll clean up.

Well run down and grab that dumbbell and haul it up to your living room!

Keep your workouts in your living space and you eliminate one of the barriers to getting them done. You don’t need to be alone, in the basement, in dim lighting and sniffing mildew. You can be where the action is, where the natural light is, where the TV is!

And finally put that heavier dumbbell to good use with this fun & creative strength and mobility flow!

Why use a heavier dumbbell?

You can perform this workout with just a water bottle or lighter dumbbell as well!

But if you’ve got something in the #10-20 range and you’ve been attuning our #BBonline classes for a while already this workout is a FAB way to challenge yourself with something heavier.

When you use a heavier dumbbell you’ll engage your core & pelvic floor MORE and build greater core strength. That’s in addition to challenging your back, hip and leg muscles as you work through hinge, squat and lunge in this workout.

Listen to the cues & modifications to choose the exercise options that are perfect for YOUR body!


Advanced 1-Dumbbell Hip, Leg & Core Strength and Mobility Workout

Save this 25-min leg & core workout for strong, mobile hips, combining explosive hip movements, traditional mobility exercises AND some fun dumbbell complexes for a solid strengthening, mobilizing workout!

This video makes the perfect complement to our online Belly Bootcamp classes, which tend to use lighter weights or soup cans.

Once you’ve mastered it, try bringing that heavier weight along to your #BBonline classes and sprinkling it into some large muscle moves like squat, row and lunge. Keep the lighter dumbbells and soup cans around for shoulders, arms and core work!

✌️Tell me what kind of video you’d like us to make next!