Move joyfully today,  !

Move joyfully today, !

How to use Joyful Moves

Welcome! The Joyful Moves collection is a way to connect to your body and the earth with movements big and small, firy and soothing, rhythmic and impulsive. These videos will feel joyful in bodies of all sizes and ability levels, and feel different each time you “indulge” and come back to them.

The Joyful Moves videos may be combined for one class-length Pilates workout or used one at a time for a grounding, inspiring session. Favourite these workouts to come back to them when your body and spirit are craving joyful, liberating movement.

Spine + Core Shake Up

This fun, full body shake-up starts in standing to build warmth and transitions to matwork for a core-strengthening finish.

Juicy Mat Flow

Build strength and flexibility through the hips, shoulders and back with this Pilates-inspired flow that will leave you feeling fab.

Standing Pilates Party

Throw on some tunes for this all-standing pilates workout that combines full body sequences with a dancey feel.