Jay Baum, Registered Dietitian and Mama of two, says a lot of her clients didn’t even REALIZE they had a bad relationship with food until they became parents and started feeling stressed about family nutrition.



Then, all of a sudden, it’s a tug of war between wanting your littles to eat enough healthful foods to thrive VERSUS not wanting your littles to feel pressured to clean their plates and eat past their natural fullness cues. ?

Or it’s the struggle of fearing your kids will grow up to be candy monsters who eschew veggies into middle age VERSUS not wanting to skip out on candy and popcorn at the movies because, well, that’s half the fun of going to the movies! ??‍♀️??

How do we find balance? How do we trust ourselves, and our kiddos, to eat the right amounts of the right foods without weighing, measuring, arguing and stressing?

How to Raise Intuitive Eating Children


Surprisingly, it’s not that difficult if you follow Jay’s guidelines.

Registered Dietitian and family nutrition expert Jay (Jennifer) Baum of Pommetta Nutrition speaks with Dara about:

? What is Intuitive Eating, anyway?

? How early do kids start to absorb messaging from “diet culture” and what are some red flags?

? How can I encourage intuitive eating at mealtimes?

? What do I do about picky eaters?

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