The world has become a super visual place. From those awkward tagged pics on FB that you can’t wait to untag yourself from, to the obsession with “glow ups” and before-&-afters on Insta… it seems like, more than ever, how we look is the first thing anyone learns about us.

So… how do you feel about seeing yourself on camera and video?

Let me tell you… it’s taken me years to get used to seeing my whole body in videos and photos, since I had my third baby and my body grew and softened. ❤️‍?

As social media and the Internet went ALL video over the last several years, I found myself in an uncomfortable position of having to keep up with my industry and put myself on camera far more than ever before, or buy into the idea my body wasn’t “good enough” to be on camera and let the world pass me by.


Spoiler: I decided to get out of my own way and just show up on camera and video, despite the fact that my body had grown. ?

While I made this decision and experienced watching myself on video and seeing myself in full length videos and pictures more than ever, I had this epiphany:

Everyone else had always known what my body looked like from head to toe.

It was just me who hadn’t been looking at it.

And so posting these videos and photos was only disturbing my idea of what my body looked like or should look like.

And I’m not doing that to myself anymore.

How about you?