Some of you might not need anything on your belly between dinner & bedtime. You are — clearly — superheroes with iron willpower. I am not one of you. I do not snack during the day, do not eat sugary treats and make almost all of my meals at home BUT there is a soft little doughy place inside of me that really wants a freaking snack before bed. I’ve often reached for veggies and dip, sometimes a small bowl of soup or some cottage cheese. Savoury doesn’t really cut it before bed, though… unless it’s savoury of the salt-&-vinegar or sour-cream-&-onion variety, but those are not on the program very often.

The trick is finding a snack that you relish & look forward to, but can’t go overboard on. Going to bed with a very full tummy is an awful feeling, and I hate almost nothing worse (with the exception of running shoes and power suits) than waking up in the morning with a stomach full of undigested snack. Barf. 

I’ve experimented and this is my latest and greatest. It fills my tummy in the most comforting way.




It’s filling but light and easy to digest, with just the right amount of carbohydrate to help you drift off and sleep tight. I hope you enjoy!

Do you have a favourite healthy bedtime snack? Share!