No matter where you go this summer, there is probably a bench. Or an ottoman. Or a sofa. Or a picnic table. Or a sturdy person willing to bend on hand & knee to support you. OK, maybe not that last one.

Save these 4 awesome total-body moves to get a killer workout wherever you go! Each move combines upper and/or lower body strength training with core strengthening & stability work.

The best way to work your core while you do these moves? Make sure you breathe deeply and time your reps to your breath! Inhale to fill up your rib cage and relax slightly through the core and pelvic floor, then exhale through your mouth to tension and lift the pelvic floor and deep core muscles on the hardest part of each rep.

Here’s more info on breathing in pregnancy & postpartum, and why it’s so key to your core strength!

Let this fun circuit inspire you to get some strength-building work in on days at the park with your little one, during a weekend at the cottage, or just with a girlfriend on a fun and sweaty summer evening walk + workout.

It’s summer! Don’t stress out about out exact sets and reps. Try it one of these three ways:

  • a set of each, as many reps as you can do with good form, resting as needed while your little ones play.
  • a set of each, 30 seconds per exercise (or 30 seconds per leg), then a walk or run around the park or down the block between each circuit; aim for 3-4 circuits
  • a set of each, 30 or 60 seconds per exercise, then rest as needed; aim for 2-3 circuits total.