When you’re trying to accept and learn to appreciate your pregnant & postpartum body, you have to be aware of what’s helping you on your journey, and what’s sucking the wind out of your sails.

Like all big change, body acceptance takes practise and hard work. You can’t expect to start feeling better about your body just because you like the “idea” of body neutrality. You’ve likely spent at least 2-3 decades being told your body is a problem.

Be compassionate with yourself as you work to build stronger body image, mama. You’re not a ‘body acceptance “failure” just because those old, negative thoughts still pop up sometimes.

If that old diet culture voice is popping up more than you’d like, or you feel fixated on your body, there are some concrete steps you can take to help move the needle more toward body acceptance.

?Which of these 6 “harmless” #dietculture habits are you hanging onto?

1️⃣ Hanging onto old clothes

✨ As long as you’re hanging onto smaller clothing, you’re telling yourself that your current body is only temporary, and the ultimate goal is to return to the previous version.

2️⃣ Tracking calories, steps & rings

✨ Until you stop relying on numbers, most of which are neither accurate nor helpful, you cannot begin to hear your body telling you what it wants and needs when it comes to movement and nourishment.

3️⃣ Following #fitmoms on IG

✨ The same goes for that friend on keto or your ex who is dating a 21-year old bikini model, Unfollow anyone who leaves a sour taste in your mouth & fill your feed with bodies that look more like yours, and bodies of different shapes and sizes.

4️⃣ Weighing in “once in a while”

✨ Just get rid of the scale. Even if you occasionally like the number that you see, if you’re struggling with body image you’re probably allowing the trajectory of your day or week – and your very worth – to depend on a numeric output, instead of tuning in to your brain and body.

5️⃣ Body-checking in every mirror or window

✨ Acknowledge and understand that checking your body does not change the way that it looks, and that as much as you might suck in, tilt your pelvis, etc., you’re not hiding the realness of your body from anyone around you. Your body just is. To stop obsessing, stop looking so much.

6️⃣ Focusing on the “calorie burn” in a workout

✨ Sweating hard and gasping for breath might be fun once in a while, but it’s not the definition of a “good” workout, nor is it scientifically proven to reduce body fat. As long as you focus your movement on shrinking your body, it can never be sustainable and you will will never find the routine that truly nourishes your joints, muscles, and soul.

Agree? Disagree?

Need help finding body-neutrality and a nourishing but effective exercise routine for your amazing mombod? Reach out and let’s chat!