OK, so I understand you don’t have two hours to get to the gym. One of the best ways to stay fit – REALLY – is to learn to play and be active throughout your days. I am an active mom. I so appreciate my body and the way it moves easily and with strength. When I am swinging my kids or hauling them up in the air with just one hand, I feel so grateful to have the ability to play actively, with energy & joy.

If you are able-bodied, give your children the joy of active play. I watch my hubby wrestle with the kids and I see how stimulating it is for them – it is like a big, exciting, moving cuddle. Physical contact + activity = pretty much all a kid needs. Well, maybe that and a meal once in a while.

The benefits of active play are awesome for mommy (and daddy) too: physical contact + activity = also pretty much all you need (well, maybe that and a glass of pinot noir once in a while). Plus, if done regularly, active play can actually build muscle tone & strength!

I’m going to capture some of the little things I do with my kids to inspire YOU to get active with your monkeys!

This morning, my kids attacked me and latched on for a ride. Human ankle weights!

My human ankle weights are about 35 pounds and 45 pounds, respectively. A quick walk around the house, swinging them on my feet as I walk, activates abs, hips and thighs. And they LOOOOVE it…