Save this follow-along #boxbreathing video for a 2-minute break! ?✨

The box breath is one of my favourite ways to calm my nervous system to relax my neck, shoulders and #pelvicfloor when I’m feeling stressed!

This Vedic tradition is used by military, athletes and frontline workers to help manage nerves and activate the autonomic nervous system to downgrade blood pressure, slow breathing and oxygenate the blood.

I love teaching the box breath to mamas who are having a hard time connecting their brains to their pelvic floor and diaphragm muscles in order to restore function in postpartum.

Sound on for the expert pelvic floor cues that will help you to “feel into” the breath and find the movement of the ribs and pelvic floor if you’re new to #diaphragmaticbreathing.


Learn The Box Breathing Technique To Calm Your Brain & Body

This ancient Vedic tradition helps you slow down your breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels. PLUS you’ll feel your diaphragm and pelvic floor more deeply with these cues and tips.


Save this video to come back to it when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, or when you notice your neck and shoulders or hips and pelvic floor tensing up.

It’s the perfect one-two punch for your physical AND mental stress!

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