Picture this.

You pick up the preschooler from daycare. Slog it home through the city streets with the double stroller. Stop 49 times to pick dandelions, look at birds, wait for red lights, and wipe runny noses. Get in the door halfway through a tantrum, arriving to a dog who needs to be let out and the mountain of laundry that’s been sitting on the living room armchair for 8 days.

You open the fridge and begin pulling out the salmon and quinoa you know will make you feel awesome, but start getting anxious because you wonder if your littles will even eat one bite.

Your mind starts wandering to the chicken nuggets in the freezer. Should you just make two dinners?

And so on.

And on.

And on.

Now is it any wonder that dinner often feels less like an after school special and more like a mess hall scene from OITNB?

If this feels familiar, mama, you have GOT to hear this interview with Registered Dietitian and mama of two, Ahuva Magder Hershkop.

Ahuva is passionate about helping parents reduce mealtime stress and reap the benefits of family meals without requiring spreadsheets and hostage negotiators.



Your life is about to get easier. Promise.




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