abs are made in the kitchen

In case you haven’t heard, “Abs Are Made In The Kitchen.” [insert cheesy meathead graphic here] So where is this kitchen that makes abs?

And why does mine only seem to offer crackers & wine lately? #momlife

It’s true: fat loss results depend hugely on dietary habits. But the #absaremadeinthekitchen dialogue assumes that the only “correct” way of eating is engineering one’s intake in order to deprive the body to the extent required for “flat” abs or “six-pack” abs.




Eating is emotional, spiritual, thoughtful and — yes — physical. As a mother, eating is not just a habit or need — it’s a lesson.

Focusing on calories & bodyfat percentage points takes energy; your energy is finite so your decision to spend energy on calorie or macro counting necessarily subtracts from your energy for fun, work, play, and reflection.

Eating for abs takes all the pleasure & mindfulness out of eating. Eating for abs takes all the joy & freedom out of eating.

There is nothing harmful or wrong about wanting or trying to lose fat if your body has fat to shed.




I’ve planned, counted, deprived, and tracked. I’ve woken in the morning & laid my head at night with the thought: LEANER.

My life was not better when I was leaner. I obsessed about my body when I was leaner. I didn’t always enjoy food when I was leaner. Food felt like the enemy or, at least, something I had to “manage.” I know now I’m blessed to eat food. I don’t always get it right. I don’t always feel great about my choices.

I do know my relationship with food is a microcosm of my relationship with myself & the universe. And the older I get, the less time I have for bullshit, even if it’s my own.

Maybe some people’s kitchens make abs. Mine makes pasta, burgers, salads, tofu, eggs, and sandwiches. Mine makes pleasure, even indulgence sometimes. I can decide how often that happens. I can choose to prioritize healthfulness over indulgence if it fuels my goals and my spirit.


belly bootcamp abs are made in the kitchen dara plank


But I’ll never again let my kitchen make abs. That’s not what a kitchen is for. That’s not what I will teach my children.

What is your kitchen for? Comment and tell us how you balance healthfulness and pleasure.

After all, mama, you probably had to give up heroin and hookers a while ago. You might as well enjoy some chocolate.