Welcome to our community, Mama!

On behalf of our BB trainers, our community across Canada and myself, your Head Trainer Dara – WELCOME to your new Mama squad!

We can’t wait to train with you

Here’s everything you need to know to get started at BB. We recommend you bookmark this page on your mobile phone and computer so you can come back to it as needed.

While you wait for your first class:


Please view our Core & Pelvic Floor database before attending your first class to ascertain whether you are experiencing pelvic floor and core dysfunction, so that we can modify for you in class and ensure you get the safest, most effective workout possible.

? Complete this Health & Core Screening Form & bring to your first class!

It is our recommendation that each of our clients benefit from at least one session with a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist to develop a personalized pregnancy &/or postpartum plan. Pelvic health physiotherapy is covered by most major insurance.

If you wish, you can be in touch with any concerns by email. Please also inform your trainer at your first class if you are experiencing pelvic floor symptoms or have any current or prior injuries and conditions.

For your first in-person class:

We provide the equipment and expertise. We recommend you come to class with:

  • a stroller in good working order (outdoor only)

  • a structured front- or back-carrier (place in stroller in case baby needs to be held)

  • sunscreen and/or insect repellent (outdoor only)

  • a black garbage bag or towel to act as a mat in case of dampness (outdoor only)

  • toys/snacks as needed for baby

  • a blanket to place baby on, if desired

  • clothing in layers so you can cool off or warm up as needed

  • a supportive sports bra

  • plenty of water

For your first #BBonline class:

All #BBonline classes are baby- and child-friendly. Choose to have your camera on for personalized training or off for privacy.

We recommend having the following items available at class time:

  • a sturdy kitchen/dining chair

  • a yoga mat

  • a structured front- or back-carrier (in case baby needs to be held)

  • a supportive sports bra

  • plenty of water

  • two soup cans or light to moderate dumbbells

    • optional: you may use a band or miniband for many exercises, if you wish. Your trainer can modify exercises for band or dumbbell based on what you have available.

Choose from our flexible packages:

Please note: in Canada all fitness fees are subject to 13% HST. 

In-person classes:

  • $220 for 10 weeks, once/week

  • $410 for 10 weeks, twice/week, for results that are twice as quick

  • ADD #BBonline unlimited classes to your in-person training for just $80 more for 10 weeks

#BBonline classes:

  • $89 for one month unlimited, plus recordings

  • $245 for three months unlimited, plus recordings

  • ADD #BBonline to your in-person training at a special reduced rate of just $80 for 10 weeks

We do not accept pre-payment through the website. After your trial class, your trainer will contact you to arrange payment in class (in-person) or by adding a credit card to your account on our website (in-person or online).

Here’s how attendance works:

  • To really get #BBstrong, we recommend you attend at least twice per week. You may divide your days between two in-person locations if you prefer. OR choose one in-person class and add our affordably priced online classes for the ultimate flexibility.

  • BB runs rain or shine. Class cancellations due to dangerous circumstances (electrical storm, extreme winter blizzard, etc.) are rare but will be announced in the morning via email to all registered participants.

  • Vacation holds may be booked in advance. Please email us to hold your classes while you are away.

  • Each enrolment includes unlimited “same week make up classes.” Should you be unable to attend your usual scheduled class, you may opt to attend another BB class at any other location that week OR choose a #BBonline class as your makeup. Classes must be used during the 10-week enrolment period.

  • Nearing the end of your mat leave? Moving? We offer custom enrolments for certain circumstances. Please notify us by email if you require a pro-rated enrolment for fewer than 10 weeks.

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Be sure to watch for our newsletter each week, as we will release not just holiday reminders and fantastic recipes and workouts, but also special offers for subscribers, coupon codes and sneak-peek announcements of new locations and classes! All clients are subscribed at time of registration. Watch your junk mail and add “contact@bellybootcamp.ca” to your friends/safe senders list!

Something we didn’t answer here?

Please be sure you’ve gone through all of the documents on this page. If you’ve got a question we haven’t answered, please enquire by email. Just reply to any of the emails we’ve sent you and we’ll be in touch within 24-48 hours.

See you at BB!




-Dara & the BB Team