When I asked our BB mamas recently what the biggest roadblock was standing between them and their healthy living goals, I heard a frustrated chorus of some version of this statement:

I can’t seem to find the time to prep healthy food.

In fact, I’ve been chatting with a few of my Online Clients just this week about #MealPrep, and the fact that we all know planning & prepping is the key to healthy eating in this crazy mama life but, sadly, knowing you should do something doesn’t get it done. Knowing what you could do better is just frustrating.

So should you curl up in a ball & give up? Resign yourself to a life of frozen pizza?

Stop fearing dinner.

Sometimes you just need a wee bit of hand-holding. A little bit of inspiration. The first step done for you, so you can see the path laid out.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s holding your hand.

That might have come out a bit wrong.

I love helping you. When I can create something you tell me is actually useful, it makes all my efforts worthwhile.

So I started testing out a fun new freebie to HELP you plan, prep and make not-boring, family-friendly food to whiz through your week AND nourish your body. I offered a fun, always-changing weekly round up of recipes to help my #WholeMama Facebook community get more comfortable with meal prep.

(BTW, this #WholeMama group is FREE and fun and a great way to connect with your fellow healthy mamas in a no-BS, body-positive way.)

The response has been fantastic. Mamas told me things like, “I’m excited to prep food now!”

So now I’m going to give it to all of you.


Every Friday, grab your all-new Weekly Meal Prep Menu, with breakfast, lunch & dinner recipes you can mix and match for a kick-ass healthy week.

Shop and prep on the weekend to set yourself up for success! I’ve even included suggestions for batching & combining the recipes too!

Ready to FINALLY get on the Meal Prep bandwagon? Or just want to shake up your recipe rut with some fun new ideas?

Just save this image to your phone, take it to the grocery store and cruise through next week, stress-free and satisfied.

Stay tuned weekly!

Don’t forget to find me on social media — @bellybootcamp — so I can see what you’re making!

And – hey – got any specific dietary requirements or picky eating struggles I can help with? Just comment below so I can help you find recipes that you AND your kiddos will love.

xo -D.