How To Use The Core Release


Not only does your body need to be strengthened and nourished with healthy food, it also needs time to rest and recover.

And it’s not just your muscles that need time to relax! Your brain needs the opportunity to unplug and build new relationships with the areas of your body that you’re working on connecting to and strengthening.

Taking time to slow down and rest doesn’t always come naturally but it’s such an important part of the healing and recovery process.

As mothers we spend our days taking care of others CONSTANTLY and can be incredibly draining, both mentally and emotionally!

Taking time for constructive rest:

  • allows our muscles to recover,
  • resets our breathing mechanics,
  • stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which regulates our mood, stress response and many other functions of our body (digestion, hormone levels)

…plus, darn it, it just feels good! ✨

We recommend taking 5-10 minutes, as many days as you can, to find some kind of comfortable, resting position to allow your body and mind to reset.

Suggested opportunities for your weekly release:

  • a few minutes before bed to unwind and promote the relaxation response
  • while your little ones are napping or happily playing nearby
  • at the end of a workout.