video 5: yoga

Get your flow on with familar yoga poses made more effective by core- and pelvic floor-intelligent cueing.

Parenting can really throw us into a state of heightened emotional and physical stress, and relying solely on high-intensity exercise can exacerbate pain, pelvic floor symptoms and fatigue. Slowing down and calming the nervous system with yoga will leave you mentally & physically refreshed!

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reset the way you think about feeling “motivated”
and “inspired” to exercise

MYTH: Something is wrong with me because I don’t feel motivated or inspired to work out EVER.

The truth is, many people don’t really like to exercise! Even as seasoned fitness pros, we don’t wake up feeling inspired to workout every day. We prefer to think about exercise and movement as a healthful habit that nourishes our physical and mental health. Treating exercise more like personal hygiene can be really helpful. You probably don’t get super pumped about brushing your teeth but it’s gotta be done, right?

⚡️HAPPY TRUTH⚡️ Getting consistent with exercise helps establish a routine making it easier to find + stay motivated.

You are not the problem when it comes to struggling to get movement in. You are not lazy. You are not weak. You just need systems and to focus on building consistency and routine.

Thinking about movement as a way to nurture and feed your body so it can run smoothly is a helpful mindset shift. As nerdy as it seems, building habits and routines for exercise can make it fit into our lives, just like we do for dinner prep, night-time skincare and annual pap smears.

how does yoga serve you?

Let’s chat! ? Mental calm, physical release & better flexibility are just a few good reasons to get your yoga on. What’s that ONE feeling you have after a great yoga flow?


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