video 4: strength

Learn must-do strength exercises and review old faves with a core-strenghtening focus to take bodyweight work next level.

Pregnancy & postpartum cause massive shifts in the joints and muscles, and the physical job of motherhood is a demanding sport! Full-body, core-focused strength training helps you cope with daily life as you age, prevent injury and feel confident in your beautiful mombod.

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reset that old “no pain, no gain” approach to fitness

MYTH: You should be sore after every workout

If you’re moving your body regularly in short, manageable chunks you’re most definitely building strength, body confidence and mobility. You’ll also stop feeling sore after each workout once you’ve got some consistency. Delayed muscle soreness typically only happens when a stimulus (e.g., workout or other physical activity) is new or goes past your comfort zone for a sustained effort.

If working out is part of your regular routine, you’ll only get soreness when you increase the weight, try something new or perhaps go for longer or with a deeper range of motion than you have been

⚡️HAPPY TRUTH⚡️ Getting into a consistent routine means you’re muscles can endure more load without muscle soreness

Feeling sore when you naturally bump up to a new level and squat lower or reach for the heavier dumbbells because you’ve put in the consistent effort and many days at the previous level. Not every workout should feel like it’s “breaking records.” If it’s so hard it makes you nervous, it’s too much intensity, too much weight, and/or too much volume.

Don’t let this fitness lie hold you back from doing movement you enjoy or making you feel like unless you’re a puddle of sweat or can’t walk the next day, exercise isn’t worth it!

find your strength training “why”

Let’s chat! ?Whether it’s schlepping your kids or excelling at your fave sport, strength is life. What’s ONE part of your life you’d like to have more strength for?


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