video 2: mobility 

Mobilize your joints and release tension in your muscles head-to-toe for optimal strength and posture.

Chronic stiffness results from our desk jobs, commutes, Netflix addictions and constant phone use. We tend to sit & stand in just a few positions each day, making immobility, pain and injury more likely – especially when we want to move, play or engage in sports & hobbies.

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reset the way you view a “good” workout

MYTH: A good workout burns 500 calories or more

Yikes. This one haunted us for years, too. The reality is those calorie counts are wildly inaccurate. What’s more, the calories in, calories out model for exercise and nutrition is now known to be affected by many factors like sleep, mental health, hormones and social determinants of health.

You have much more important things to focus on than the shockingly inaccurate digital display on your treadmill or health app, and your workouts should be about building strength, function and confidence for all the things you need to do, not shrinking.

⚡️HAPPY TRUTH⚡️ There are so many more benefits to exercise than just burning calories

Exercising to burn calories doesn’t make sense, so let it be simple! Focus on getting full-body movement as many days per week as possible, whether it’s a family walk or a great strength training workout; it’s all worth it!

A good workout is one where you feel BETTER afterward. More confident.  Energized. Taller. Focused. Powerful. Accomplished. Proud.

No need to let a number on a counter/app determine how you feel after a workout.

which part of your body craves mobility? 


Let’s chat! ? Tension and discomfort is your body calling out for some TLC. Knowing you have the power to help your body feel better, notice what areas are asking for some attention right now. 

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  1. Lisette

    Definitely lower body. Low back, hips, ankles. These things don’t move like they should and often hurt.

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