video 1: core + floor

Release tight hips to free up your deep core muscles, then learn classic core moves with groundbreaking cues.

Focused core & pelvic floor training after pregnancy & birth – whether that was 6 months or 6 years ago – helps restore connection and confidence, as well as prevent symptoms like leakage, pressure,  low back pain & more.

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reset the way you think about core + floor training

MYTH: Eventually you “graduate” from pelvic floor exercises.

Pelvic floor function is something all humans desperately need, regardless of gender, fitness level or birth status. In fact, deep core and pelvic floor training have now crossed over to mainstream female AND male weightlifting and athletics. Pregnancy & birth might be the first time you notice these systems are lacking — but, hey, you probably didn’t deal a lot with back pain or wonky knees in your teens or early 20s, either. Welcome to midlife!

⚡️HAPPY TRUTH⚡️ Taking care of your deep core is a lifelong pursuit.

Just as with other joints & muscles of your body, your core + floor may sometimes need more attention, rest or strengthening to be well. Learning to breathe well and connect to your core is essential, but full body mobility and strength are key to pelvic floor function, too. No need to let your pelvic floor hold you back from enjoying sports, exercise and life; you just need to know how to modify and move your body with pelvic floor awareness. We got you!

find your core + pelvic floor “why”

Let’s chat! ? What’s the MOST important reason you want a stronger core? To get back to running? To feel less back pain? Or maybe to carry your littles more easily? 


  1. Lisette

    To feel less body pain! Two kiddos later and I’m done being sore every day.

    • Dara + Laura Trainers

      YES! YES! YES! This is a great motivator. And we fully agree- you do not need to feel in pain every day Lisette! Good for you for taking the first step!

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