video 3: barre

Fire up your glutes, core and posture muscles with this ballet-inspired barre session using just a chair.

The popular “barre” modality is a combination of Pilates-inspired standing movements with basic ballet moves. Reconnect with your core and find strength in your hips for the daily tasks of momlife, which – as you know – often aren’t done lying on a mat!

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reset the way you think about low impact exercise

MYTH: Low impact workouts don’t “burn” as much + aren’t as effective 

Far from it! Moving more deliberately and slowly doesn’t automatically lower the amount of effort; often you’ll feel more intensity and “burn” going slowly because of something called “time under tension,” ie., the longer you’re doing the hard thing, the more muscle growth you’ll encourage.

The truth is that jumping and rushing builds two things: the ability to jump and the ability to rush/move quickly. You don’t need high-impact exercise to build strength, mobility, or endurance.

⚡️HAPPY TRUTH⚡️ There are so many other benefits to exercise beyond “burning calories”

If you don’t like jumping and running, have joint pain or leak a bit, you can breath a sigh of relief. Your workouts aren’t ‘less effective’ because they’re lower-impact or not at breakneck speed.

We got some great low impact workouts planned for you this week – just imagine how amazing your body is going to feel after even just a short movement session. So roll out that mat and get ready to revive those tired muscles, then hit the “done” button!

who loves a standing workout? we do! 

Let’s chat! ? Barre is convenient because it’s all-standing with minimal equipment! Could you squeeze a 10-minute barre session in the morning? Or take a mid-day movement break at your desk? 


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