It’s back!

Our weekly video interview series is BACK and better than ever!

2 years ago we released a series of fab video interviews with some of our favourite mama experts on everything from plantar fasciitis to postpartum body image.

Then we had to put out little show on hiatus, and I’m super excited to say that we’re back again each week with our new and improved series:



This time around, the videos are shorter (think about 10 minutes) so you can fit these snack-sized bits of info into your real #momlife. ??? And they’re LIVE, meaning you can catch us on the BB Facebook page each week and ask your questions LIVE to our weekly expert!

We’re kicking it off this week with one of my dear friends and a phenomenally talented prenatal yoga instructor, Laura wood of And She Moves Yoga and Pilates in Toronto.

(You might also know Laura as my co-trainer over at Mama Reset!)

Laura breaks down for us which yoga poses might not be the best choice for the bump crowd, and what she recommends to her students instead.

Before you scroll Insta one more time eyeing up pregnant bellies doing incredible poses on sunset-kissed beaches, you NEED to hear this!

Check out some info on the specific poses below the video, and check us out on Facebook to get notified the next time we do a live interview with an amazing mama expert. *Spoiler: it’s going to be next week!



Handstands + related inversions


Handstands and inversions might be right for a small, very highly trained few, but for the average pregnant mama they’re less safe during pregnancy. Try Downward Dog variations instead to release the legs and strengthen the shoulders.

Camel, Wheel and other deep back-bends


Deep back bends like Camel, Wheel and even Upward Dog can cause an over-stretching of your already stretched abdomen during pregnancy. Try half-kneeling and lunge stretches for the hips or a supported release of your chest lying on a foam roller or bolster instead.

Side Plank and Plank variations




Side Plank, Chaturanga and other plank variations require a great deal of deep core strength and, if not performed well, might cause strain to the core and pelvic floor tissues. Try quadruped (hands/knees) work or a side or front plank from the elbows and/or knees as an alternative.

Find Laura at @andshemoves on social media and on the web for Toronto-based group classes and online and in-person training.