Babywearing. Who knew it could be so complicated?

You’re pregnant. You receive a baby carrier for your shower or pick one up at a market. You imagine strolling in the sunshine, coffee in hand, baby blissfully tucked away. Silent. Sleeping. Safe.

Then you have the baby. And — why didn’t anyone tell you?? — the carrier takes a LOT of practice. And there are a LOT of options. ?‍♀️

  • Is it fitting right?

  • Should they face in or out?

  • Which carriers are safe for squats and hikes?

  • Will you need a different carrier when baby hits the toddler stage?

  • Should the carrier go inside our outside your jacket?

  • Can a carrier be too hot in the summer?

Safe Babywearing For Exercise and #Momlife

Join BB founder Dara Bergeron in a chat with Registered Midwife, Babywearing Educator and Mama of 4 Care Sinclair of With Care in Toronto!

? What’s the best baby carrier for BB classes, walks and errands?

? What are the key tips for safe babywearing?

? Are different carriers ideal for different stages and tasks?

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