It can be HARD to make time for workouts with kiddos around! Why not combine play AND exercise for BOTH of you? ??‍? If you’re hanging out at home with your big kid, give this full-body mom & kid workout a try!

Have you ever noticed how you can be exhausted by 4pm even on a day when you DON’T do a workout? ?‍♀️ Well, I bet you’ve forgotten about all the non-workout movement you do in a typical day!

We tend to divide our movement into two camps:

? Exercise and “workouts”

?‍? Whatever else we do all day.

If we haven’t deemed it “workout time” or we aren’t being led by a trainer or app, we tend to forget we’re ACTUALLY moving our body and building strength and mobility just from doing many everyday tasks.

? Folding laundry and making beds? Shoulder mobility. ❄️ Shoveling snow? That’s a deadlift. ? Grocery store? You probably hit 3,000 steps there alone.

Not to mention PLAY.

A family walk, getting down in the sand at the beach, hitting the hills for tobogganing, even playing a game of Twister = all completely valid “exercise” and so good for your body AND soul.

? Ready to combine play and exercise that will help you BOTH get strong and have fun?

Here’s how to squat, deadlift, bench press, and even do core work with that squirmy preschooler for a playful “workout” session! ? These 6 moves are NO JOKE with your 30, 40 or 50 pound preschooler or little kid!


Mom & Tot Full-Body Workout


? Quick note: these exercises might not be right for every mama & kid. Please be confident in these movements and sure of your grip. If it doesn’t feel right, skip that exercise and try one of the other ones!

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