It’s hard to believe there was ever a time we didn’t use a good old miniband! These little rubber loops are everywhere these days, especially on social media and in home workout programming. They’re perfect for mamas working out at home: inexpensive, easy to stash anywhere and easier to manage around little ones than heavy dumbbells or big pieces of equipment. Here’s how to use them!

How to use a mini-band

There are two main ways to use a mini-band loop.

1️⃣ As a guide for better muscle activation and joint alignment. Example: the mini-band is worn on the shins or thighs to guide the knees outwardly with a bit of resistance, helping you connect to your glutes and align your knees and hips optimally.



2️⃣ As a form of resistance while pulling the ends apart with the upper or lower body. Example: holding the band overhead and pulling down in a “lat pull-down” movement to strengthen the mid- to upper-back.


Which mini-bands should I get?


We’ve used mini-band loops in our Belly Bootcamp classes and Mama Reset Membership videos for several years now, and there’s one brand I keep coming back to for clients and myself.



Pictured here, these Yogi Bands are Canadian-made, woman-owned and come in five tension levels so you can get all the variety that makes mini-bands so fun.

Whichever brand you choose, get a set that offers at least 3-5 levels of resistance. The amount of force you can handle on your big glutei muscles in a squat will be very different from what you will need for your shoulders or wrists, for example.

How do I know which mini-band to use?

Let me break it down for you right here, in this 30-second video. ? (Scroll down below to snag a quick mini-band workout you can try after you’re done learning!)

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Beginner Mini-Band Tutorial



BONUS: Try this mini-band workout



Save this quick weekend workout to start getting strong with those mini-bands at home. These are some of our fave moves at Belly Bootcamp!

? Try 8-15 reps of each exercise in a circuit for 2-3 rounds total. Or do a few sets of each exercise with rest between as needed.

Check out the full description with demonstration videos here.

✌️Got a question about your mini-band workouts? Or how about a piece of equipment you’d like us to break down next? Comment below!