Nursing, baby-wearingstroller-pushing, cuddling… your body is doing a ton of work as a new mama & we know you wouldn’t change it for the world, but it doesn’t always feel great.  Restore alignment and ease your aching muscles with these 4 must-do stretches for new moms.

After 9 (or 10?…) months with a growing belly & boobs, that baby finally comes out and spends most of her time right in the same spot — on the front of you, cradled in your arms and pulling on your back & shoulders in much the same way she did while in the womb.

Even if your little one is more at the “toddling” than “baby wearing” stage… or if she’s off to Kindergarten this fall… chances are these same muscles remain tight & imbalanced. While pregnancy & postpartum can truly affect the alignment and function of your body, this time of life is more like “the straw that breaks the camel’s back.”


You were *just* managing all those straws… & then you went and got knocked up.

All the “straws” on your alignment before baby (and after you return to work) include:

  • working at a desk/computer
  • hunching over a smartphone
  • enjoying leisure exercises like cycling, spinning, step class, etc. which emphasize front-of-body muscles
  • relaxing in a seated (read: slouched) position in the evening
  • commuting in stressful traffic (and, again, with that slouched position…)
  • wearing high heels & other unsupportive footwear

In other words, even your child-free friends and husband could benefit from these 4 amazing, targeted stretches…but for you, mama, they’re a lifesaver.

Try adding them into your regular post-workout routine or just incorporating them daily whenever you feel tight, or when you have a free moment from baby.

If you’re back at the office, they make a fabulous break from your workday, and can easily be done right in your cubicle or at home…all you need is a chair and a wall. You could even get your colleagues involved in a mid-afternoon stretch!


Belly Bootcamp is proud to produce a series of exercise videos in partnership with Canada’s foremost magazine for parents, Today’s Parent. Watch for more videos in this series!