Let’s make a difference, together.

Dara here! Since 2009 our team of dedicated, caring Mama Trainers has offered in-person and #BBonline classes for pregnant, postpartum and working mamas. We’ve been featured across Canadian media and recognized as leading the movement toward inclusive, body-neutral exercise instruction for mothers.

Now we’re currently seeking partner trainers to bring the magic of Belly Bootcamp™ to more communities.

Our model supports both online, work-from-home classes and in-person local classes in parks and with partner studios/community centres.

  • Help women find meaningful connection in the early stages of motherhood while safely and effectively strengthening their bodies;
  • Create a business that supports you, inside and out;
  • Enjoy flexible hours, child-friendly work and opportunities to grow and create;
  • Be an authentic and body positive leader in your community.

Please take a moment to tell us why YOU are the perfect fit for the BB brand. Share your vision for Belly Bootcamp in your community! We will be in touch to chat about how to get started.

Thank you so much for your interest in BB!



P.S. Get in touch on social here to chat more.


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