Happy new year! Time to get in shape! Yada yada yada. Pass the coffee.

For most of us moms, the idea of committing to a new workout routine for a new year implies the impossible luxury of finding time to actually WORK OUT. Two hours alone in a crowded gym, waiting for a treadmill and wondering what to do next actually sounds like a delightful way to escape reality, doesn’t it? Sigh.

Stop longing for shared, overbleached sweat towels and dirty looks from the Lululemon posse waiting for your elliptical machine! The truth is, most gym-goers spend way more time driving, changing, resting, chatting, and feeling self-conscious at the gym than they actually do exercising. Then there’s the whole childcare situation… taking time away from our little ones is stressful even for an event we’ve been looking forward to; for a grueling, crowded trip the gym, giving up on snuggle time feels like cruel and unusual punishment.

Find a fun child-friendly workout like resetwithus or create your own at-home program to cut out unnecessary delays and travel, and pack as much exercise as you can into 10-20 simple and effective minutes!

Belly Bootcamp is a contributor to the Momstown website. Get this simple, illustrated 10 minute no-equipment workout from Momstown and start getting fit today!